Our standard product line for many handling situations
e.g. platehandling, rollhandling and pallethandling.


Below some examples from our “Custom Made” handling solutions
Are you looking for your balancer? Ask our specialists.


A multifunctional solution for various workingsituations…


Exchange and move rolls safely, simple and quick…

Rolls & Shafts

Easily and accurate lifting and moving of rolls or shafts…

Plates & Panels

Lifting of plates or panels and tilting during the production process…


Tilt your heavy products or pallets safely and controlled…


Easily and fast plate handling; with…

Profiles & Tubes

Clamping, magnetic, carrying or vacuuming, we offer…

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Barrels & Drums

Beause of their weight, shape and size often diffivult to lift or move, not anymore…


The exchanging and inserting of shafts weightlessly…


Fast and safe inverting of pallets and products…

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Bins & Crates

Stacking, tilting but physically relieving and safe…


Our customized solutions are tailored to your working situation…


Roosen BPL is active in many industries. With our manipulators we face every challenge !

With more than 30 years of experience (in-house engineering and production) we find your solution.

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About us

Roosen BPL has been developing and manufacturing high-quality handling systems for more than 30 years. The plastics industry, metal processing, chemicals, food industry, logistics, packaging and automotive industry use our balancers worldwide.

Heavy loads, large radii, little space or demanding products? Our handling systems meet high requirements. Get to know the high operating comfort and performance of our systems. We would like to invite you to our demo-/showroom.

We deliver the right handling system for every application – always comfortable, safe (including CE declaration) and effective. We design and manufacture your balancer on the basis of an extensive inventory and analysis of your local conditions, products and working methods.

In recent years we have successfully realized many special machine building projects. Throughout the entire process, you are in close contact with one of our specialists from our Roosen Engineering department (Conformity Certificate EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011).

In addition to customization, we also supply standard solutions from our EASY series, namely: plate, roll and axle handling and the pallet turner and inverter.

Roosen BPL is one of the 11 companies of Roosen Industries. Roosen Industries is an internationally oriented group with companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and India, specialized in a wide range of metalworking and mechatronics assembly. The entire group is NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 certified.


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